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Forget about likes and shares. Focus on the conversation. Ignite your social media, campaigns, and digital presence. Grow with your customers, inspire them, excite their imaginations and become their favorite. Let’s take the Adventure together!

There is no shortage of advertising or creative agencies out there, so why emmersion? Well it’s not about us, it’s about you. About the journey you and your customer take together. So, we start by getting to know you, your business, your brand and your customers. We strive to make a lasting impact that engages your customers to talk to family, friends and their co-workers. Making you a favourite, that has customers coming back for years.

We are emmersion

The go-to agency for a bouquet of brilliant, creative and cutting-edge Advertising, Design and Marketing solutions, that gets your brand noticed. Bringing campaigns and technology together like, never before. Together we invent, explore and create experiences that transports brands to new places.

We specialise in captivating and engaging campaigns through Snapchat, Facebook, and immersive technologies. Driven by strategic thinking, creative advertising, interactive solutions, and visual communications that make an impact.

The Perfect Choice

At emmersion, everything we do has the ultimate goal of making your brand a favourite brand, with a community of lifelong customers who’ll keep coming back. To this point, we feel that successful marketing only occurs when users become brand advocates.

We succeed time and time again because we invent creative solutions for everyday problems. That’s how we create brands that speak through actions and create unique customer journeys. We get to know your company and we breathe new life into it by trying what hasn’t been tried before, and exhausting all options! By using our unique methods, we transform the way your business is seen and make everything exactly how you want it.The end result is a win-win! Your profits increase and customers love your brand!

So whether we are creating industry-leading designs and campaigns, or building investor confidence through deliberately considered strategic planning, we communicate your message using the most engaging, imaginative, innovative and immersive methods of tomorrow, today!

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Lauren M.

emmersion conducted detailed market research and helped us to create a new brand identity. This positioned our products within the market place and has created the perception of added value in our customer’s minds.

P. Williams

Very thankful to the dedicated team of professionals at emmersion. They designed and managed our social media and print campaigns, resulting in an increase of product awareness and profit.


We traditionally stuck to putting ads in the paper but we have since found it to be a waste of money. Since emmersion took over and created our online presence, our phones have not stopped ringing and we are almost booked out for the ...

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