Forget about likes and shares. Focus on the conversation. Ignite your social media, campaigns, and digital presence. Be instigators, fire starters, become their favourite.

There is no shortage of advertising or creative agencies out there, so why emmersion? Well, it’s not about us, it’s about you. About the journey, you and your customer take together. So, we start by getting to know you, your business, your brand and target customers. We strive to make a Brand Ecosystem that engages your customers, making them your advocates to family, friends, and co-workers. Making you their favourite, while weaving storylines through online and offline experiences that brings your brand alive.

We are emmersion


The go-to agency for a bouquet of brilliant, creative and cutting-edge Advertising, Design and Marketing solution, that get your brand noticed. Bringing campaigns and technology together like, never before. We invent, explore and create experiences, create a Brand Ecosystem, which delivers truly unique experiences.


We specialise in captivating and engaging campaigns through Snapchat, Facebook, and immersive technologies. Driven by strategic thinking,creative advertising, interactive solutions, and visual communications that make an impact.

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Our Process


Everything we design and develop is built using in-depth research and analysis of your market, customers, opportunities and competition. We then define a series of goals around your brand. Followed by our phased approach to deliver your project that includes sketched ideas and brainstorming, the production of wireframes, static designs, campaigns, copy and user testing.


It doesn’t stop there, with ongoing support ensuring your website continues to deliver results. We monitor, review and analyse how successful your campaign and website are performing. We make sure it is delivering on its core goals.


‘Would I recommend emmersion? YES! But only with reluctance, emmersion is the secret ingredient. That you do not want to share with anyone.’



what we do


This is where our philosophy really comes in.
Our campaigns and strategies are imaginative, innovative and immersive. We structure the ideal customer environment, to increase engagement and expand reach. Customers will be talking about your brand. You will be right where you want to be.


“In short, we develop extensive thought-out plans to see exactly where your marketing will take you. We plan with the end goals in mind, and nothing is too big or small for us to take on. Our marketing and campaigns stand out from the rest because they produce results. Let us take over your marketing today!”


emmersive Media


A video is a high impact way to speak to your customers and stand out from competitors. Now Many brands are benefiting from virtual reality and immersive 360-degree experiences, through 360 videos and apps.


They not only showcase their product but build a truly unique experience. Connect with your audience and let potential customers see, hear and experience your business first-hand!



Ever stood on the ledge of a skyscraper in virtual reality? Cold sweating, heart beating fast and Vertigo taking hold – you will find it’s next to impossible to jump.


VR marketing is the ultimate tool for any advertiser looking to evoke an emotional response with his or her customers. Whether that customer is checking out a hotel suite in Tokyo, buying sunscreen lotion inside an erupting volcano or shopping for sneakers in outer space – all from the comfort of home – VR is the pinnacle and the future of marketing.

Social Media


Own your online presence through an effective content strategy that curates a particular engagement with your target audience.

To favour content marketing is to benefit your brand’s conversations. Content marketing will improve audience interaction, brand reach, online involvement, traffic/conversions and your overall online community engagement.


Innovative content and digital strategy promotes user-generated content and brand advocacy – consequently endorsing your brand’s presence.


We intertwine our digital expertise, creative tactics and communications to produce campaigns that bridge the gap between your brand and audience. Our portfolio reflects the core value of storytelling – the creation of a brand experience and the initiation of a dynamic conversation.


By being bold, honest and imaginative, our content team will create engaging campaigns communicating your brand’s message to a wider audience.


Together, we have the power to create brilliance!

Facebook Advertising
Creative work 3




We believe in strong ideas and communication, but also believe that a strong visual presence is equally important. This is why we take great pride in the design process.


Imagine countless people posting about your products on social media. You need an outstanding design to make this happen, and we can do it for you.


We develop trendy designs that will pop off the page, and engage the senses. Everyone will love them! Regardless of your budget, we provide smart electrifying designs that will get you noticed all over. We take your ideas and bring them to life.


Our sleek, contemporary designs showcase your brand in vivid colour! With us, your search for appeal is over.



Imagine seeing your product on the front page of YouTube or in the pages of a global magazine.


Ask yourself, how often do you receive recommendations from existing customers. How effective is your current campaigns or advertisements? You might be surprised at the answer. Not to worry, We love to solve any advertising problems!


We focus on forming exciting user journey that converts clients into brand advocates. Your product will grow faster than you think and reach around the world for everyone to see!


We will do everything from designing advertisements to create unique experiences across TV, radio, video, print, and social media. We target the right customers where they’re looking and listening, captivating them at the right moments to engage with your message and brand!

Creative work 2

Digital Development


Never before, has it been so important to have the right digital presence. Our websites are not only built to engage the senses and run seamlessly. They make a bold statement and showcase your brand image perfectly.


As the digital world expands and more and more transactions take place online, we keep your business in a market-leading position with innovative user experiences, engaging systems, and state-of-art direct response marketing techniques. We can tailor a complete package for your needs, providing a responsive and interactive website, and continuous management. We take the stress out of creating an online presence, letting you, to focus on what really counts.


So, let emmersion create a digital presence that sets you apart from the competition. We expand your business, tap into new markets and find new opportunities through our interactive web designs and apps.

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Lauren M.

emmersion conducted detailed market research and helped us to create a new brand identity. This positioned our products within the market place and has created the perception of added value in our customer’s minds.

P. Williams

Very thankful to the dedicated team of professionals at emmersion. They designed and managed our social media and print campaigns, resulting in an increase of product awareness and profit.


We traditionally stuck to putting ads in the paper but we have since found it to be a waste of money. Since emmersion took over and created our online presence, our phones have not stopped ringing and we are almost booked out for the ...

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