Marketing is now more complex than it used to be. Old techniques no longer work and you need the latest strategies and ideas. We provide comprehensive marketing solutions that help you reach your target customer and expand your budget that extra mile.

Gone are the days when marketing used to be restricted to communications, customer service, advertisement or the major 4 Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Promotion and Place).  The fact of the matter is that the challenges of maximising every single dollar spent on marketing are being faced by small, medium and multinational businesses everywhere in the world. Meanwhile, most businesses are facing the dilemma of where to put in place their advertisements and communications for optimum exposure.


We critically analyse every factor of your business and build a marketing scheme around your brand. Our team leaves no stone unturned and provides you with a comprehensive plan aimed at generating more customers and sales. We approach everything with a critical eye to form the best marketing solutions for your unique business.

This is where our philosophy comes in. Our marketing campaigns are imaginative, innovative and immersive in every way. They structure the ideal customer environment to expand your engagement and extend your reach. Your brand will be known within your target market and you’ll be right where you want to be.


“In short, we develop extensive thought-out plans to see exactly where your marketing will take you. We plan with end goals in mind and nothing is too big or small for us to take on. Our marketing plans stand out from the rest because they produce results. Let us take over your marketing today!”

Marketing Plans


We brainstorm with you to develop a marketing plan that will make your brand insanely popular at minimal cost. We figure out every detail and make the most out of every penny you spend. We implement strategies and realise your goals, so you’ll be a success before you know it!

Where so many other companies provide dull service, we shine. Our multi-dimensional attitude to planning has made us a leader in the field and we are honoured to bring our solutions to you. When it comes to comprehensive marketing plans, we are all you need. Contact us today to begin a completely personalised plan that takes your business to the next level!

Market Research

We are renowned for our systematic and extensive market research for the purpose of full understanding and insight into your brand and products existing position within the market, coupled with consumers buying perceptions. How your customers perceive you is crucial to your business and your position in the market, this can make or break your brand. To make the most of this, we utilise the latest technologies to thoroughly research and analyse your audience, allowing us to help you obtain a competitive position and a quality market share.

We take a multi-level approach to market research that holistically surveys the current trends and analyses them. Then we apply this to your business, outlining ways in which your infrastructure can improve. This has proven to be a widely successful method and we lead the way in the field of research.

Brand Management

At emmersion we value nothing more than our client’s reputations and brand. Your brand image is a product of your company and it affects how your customers perceive you in the market. You can’t let insufficient branding or poor upkeep allow your business to suffer, that’s where we come in!

Our team possesses brilliant qualities that will give you the edge. We have an eye for detail and a knack for enviable customer service. Our reputable and professional solutions have allowed us to stand apart from the rest in designing advocates for our clients brands. Simply put, we create brands that last.

Strategy Development

For us, strategy development isn’t a cookie-cutter industry term, It’s a perspective! We formulate accessible, actionable strategies that produce results in no time. Our strategies are structured, robust and complete in scope. In other words, we take everything into consideration and transform your business!

Unlike other companies we take a ‘big picture’ approach that dramatically aids the marketing process. We look at every single factor and use it to your advantage. We rank your needs and address them appropriately, allowing us to focus on the most important matters first. We prioritise goals and maximise profit!

Copy Writing

Your marketing copy has a humongous consequence on your perception. Content that reads well will attract customers and keep them interested, while poor writing will lead people away from your site. You want to stand out, so let us help!

We ensure that your content is of the highest quality, creative and working with your design for a harmonious layout that creates immersive experiences. Our copy writing team creates completely customised content that takes your company to new heights and expands your opportunities. Your customers will want to read all about you!

Event Management

Well-planned events can advertise your brand incredibly well. Unfortunately, planning and managing events can be tricky and requires lots of time. If you want to be the coolest new thing at the next event, take advantage of our event planning services!

We take on the hard work and stress of event management, supporting you and operating your event perfectly. We provide various services in this area, including the development of business functions, sales events and product launches. If you can think it, we can bring it to life!