Want your brand to trend on Twitter? Want millions to share your page on Facebook? 

The influence of Social Media is no longer something that you can afford to ignore. From start-ups to the largest multinational businesses, social media is used to drive exposure, heighten awareness and create unique customer experiences. Recent studies indicate that 75% of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions.

Over the past several years, we’ve spearheaded social media development for brands and companies just like you. Boosting their customer base and engagement. We know what it takes to be the coolest new thing online and with us, that’ll be you!

We believe that a strong communication strategy between a brand and a consumer is an integral part of a successful online presence and brands that lead social conversation are the ones that lead an industry. We’re great talkers and have helped hundreds of brands speak with their consumers to drive awareness, loyalty, engagement and sales.

Make a statement with a customised Facebook business page.

The first step to social media success is a professional Facebook Page for your business and brand. We’ll help you do this in just a few clicks. Make a striking cover photo, launch a professional-looking welcome tab and engage with your fans – no need for you to worry about learning how to design or figuring out Facebook’s code.

Our social media solutions are perfect for businesses that desire an easier way to become the most happening thing on Facebook, twitter, or YouTube. We organically get you likes, shares, followers and comments. We even manage Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. When you’re ready to grow your social media presence, we’re ready. We create unique content and find information to engage with your customers and community so the leads flood in.

Whatever your niche or budget, we work with you to provide an all-in-one solution that keep your fans talking with visual and relevant posts. Don’t look anywhere else––let emmersion turn you into a social media rock star!

Social Media Analysis



We perform a gruelling analysis to determine what you’re doing right and were we can improve engagement. We choose which social media platforms are right for you and immediately begin building your online presence. Because we use the latest technologies, we can accurately assess strategies for where you want to be and start engaging with the right customers.

We utilise a variety of campaigns to have you quickly talking to the right customers. With us your business will be viral  overnight! Nothing escapes our critical inspection. We look at every price of content and channel and use it to further your online presence!

Social Media Platform


Our team expertly sets up social media platforms  for you in no time. With hefty marketing skills, we optimise your social media presence for even the most contemporary customer. You will reach a larger audience quickly and easily with our social media solutions!

These solutions get your business page noticed by customers instantly. Best of all, we do everything for you! Our all-in-one solution allows you to sit back and enjoy the benefits. We know you don’t have the time to work on this, so we do it all. When we’re done, you’ll have flawless social media presence that draws customers and turn them into advocates.

Social Media Strategy

Our team strategies a game plan to achieve your goals and sell your product on social media. We do all the work and you get all the profit! With extensive experience in the industry, our staff stops at nothing to revolutionise your business.

We possess the unique combination of training in traditional marketing and brand-new social media marketing. Our masterful take on social media campaigns and advertising will make you the best new thing on the scene! Contact us today to learn more.

Content Development


Our hip, exciting content has targeted customers both locally and  worldwide and now it can be featured on your social media accounts! Our readers take action because they love our content. Soon, they’ll be falling in love with your brand too!

Our creative team designs elegant, engaging content that’s optimised for your target audience. We know what your audience wants and we give it to them. Never before has great content been this accessible! We cater to your individual needs and produce amazing results.

Campaign Management

We have successfully managed over a thousand campaigns across social media platforms. Simply put, we understand the best way to spread the word and bring eternal fame to your brand! We don’t stop at planning for greatness––we follow through and achieve it!

We work with you on all levels to provide  a comprehensive campaign that doesn’t end until you’re popular across your target market. Social media is an electrifying tool and we know how to use it! We take advantage of these newest platforms and strategies to bring you unparalleled attention to your brand.


Our social media training programs are incredibly powerful interactive workshops for business that are aimed at maximising the benefit of this new change. We customise these workshops to provide your staff with the tools and  knowledge to engage like a pro and this will in  turn help your business achieve effective, measurable outcomes.

Our team is always kept abreast of the newest platforms and technologies to put you one step ahead of the competition. We’re always in the know, and we provide the most cutting-edge approach to social media marketing. We look into the future to anticipate trends and give you the advantage!