The term SEO may have been around from as early as 1997— however, the golden years of marketing only very recently has been re-invented to understand the use and the real significance of Search Engine Optimization— SEO.


To breakdown the concept of SEOs to a single unit, it is essentially the relationship that exists between the search engine and a website. One must nurture the relationship between the links of the web content and the algorithms of the search engines. Digital Marketing discipline has witnessed SEO to be constantly challenged and improved to become a fine and sophisticated tool. It may have had a quiet entry in the market, but it certainly is now a reliable strategic field of marketing, taking on brands and its products towards unprecedented growth. The guidelines that govern SEO frequently change, but what continues to be vital for website’s traffic and ranking is SEO. It has become crucial for Webmasters to stay up-to-date with search engine changes.


Search engines are entirely text driven. It needs the content to be relevant to audiences’ needs. It uses web crawlers to process systematically – scans the internet, index the webpages it visits and sorts them according to its relevance to the query. Search engines like Google tend to penalize websites driven by poor content.



Below, we bring you the Best SEO strategies for 2015 to let you keep on top of the game.



Link Building


As web crawlers sprawl the whole of the web, it is safe to assume ‘links’ as the passage connecting the innumerable pages on the internet. ‘Links’ act as the popularity index that suggest the best way to identify an expert page from other irrelevant and poorly linked websites. The key focus of understanding how create better ‘links’ is to always remember— trustworthy sites always link to other trustworthy and reputed sites.

As Google continues to challenge every SEO Webmaster with its complex and ever-changing web algorithms, the key focus must remain to work with few organic and relevant links as opposed to many unimportant links. Creating content that is both unique and helpful promotes the website to receive links back to you without asking for it. Offering how-to videos, e-books and tutorials are also dependable ways to create reliable links. This process, known as ‘Link earning’ is an effective tool to increase the chances of search engines to rate your site higher as earned links last longer as compared to other types of links. Offering diversity is crucial to a natural backlink profile.

When the page you create is relevant with the right keywords, it will receive multiple links that will promote the site to rank better. It is therefore pertinent to vary the anchor text in a natural way. Anchor texts are essentially the hyperlinks that you provide on your page. When you use this aspect of SEO correctly, you can expect to develop a positive value for your page.

With the advent of social media, websites have found reliable ways to increasing share information among peers. Social media is certainly now an accepted way to promote your website and add link building value.


Guest Posting


Guest posting is one of the most terrific ways to increase traffic to your website. It is a highly effective way to build a brand, referral traffic and affect overall sale of your product. Guest Blogging as an SEO strategy should however be devised carefully. Posting your articles on relevant and authoritative websites, with a strong root domain authority certainly benefits the overall authority of your site. If you do not gain a lot of traffic to your site, the first steps to take is to walk away from your own site and begin to interact and pot articles on high-traffic sites. However, your site should be of credible value to link to when you are a guest blogger.

So, as you work on your guest post, put in the effort to create an epic, well researched and a helpful article for the websites. When writing for guest posts, always have your audience in mind. It pains me to see overly promotional and irrelevant anchor texts. It is crucial to be reliable and a little persistent. It will be well worth it when you get a boost in your search engine ranking. So keep at it!



Most web users today are an impatient lot. They would spend only a few seconds before switching websites if it takes any longer for the webpage to load. People today are looking for visual storytelling that is intensely unique and engaging. Information therefore must be quick and easily accessible.Infographics prove to be visual representation of information. Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics simply cut the chase of reading the entire page for information.

You may however wonder why Infographics make the cut into SEO strategies for 2015. Well, to be direct in my response— if the Infographic is good, it is an SEO campaign that will rapidly grow to help you expand your links and backlinks. It is also the Meta tags that help to locate your infographics on Google images. Get it right, and you will be gold! If your website can strike the right balance between relevant text and great pictorial representation of the information, it should not surprise you when your search engine ranking improves.

Infographics as an extended SEO tool helps in building your brand value and continue to attract traffic to a website. The use of web-based tools like Piktochart helps in creating professional infographics. When tools as this create infographics that are search engine friendly with multiple clickable elements in the image and HTML publishing capacity, they add interactivity to your site making it more likeable to your audience. Pinterest is one such example of a photo-sharing portal that is great to post and promote infographic. This is mainly due to its vertical image format.


Interviewing Experts

A powerful and influential interview always counts for timeless content. It is imperative to be able to provide relevant information to your audience. Offering a masterclass, question and answer session or simply a one-to-one interview ensures an impact— the situation may simply be secondary. You can conduct interviews with experts across the world on the telephone or by email.

BuzzSumo is an SEO tool that helps you identify trendy texts and topics to select an interview topic. Understanding the content and topics that is current and is trending will increase your search engine rankings depending on relevance. Having an expert comment and connect with you on the internet allow you to expand your links with one another adding legitimacy to your content.

From a visitor’s perspective, interview with experts helps you create an information rich, interactive and an engaging post that provides a great user experience and to provides the right answers to their visitors. Interviewing experts is an excellent way to build and strengthen relationships in your niche expertise.



Content is (Still) King

Optimizing your website with only keywords is no longer the most effective way to be popular in search engines. As Google updated its algorithms with Panda 4.1, the ball is in the court again for quality content. Use Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched keywords in search engines that you should incorporate in your posts. However, do ensure that the content is well written, unique and directly answers your customer’s queries.

Focus on your content, because despite the innumerable efforts you will spend on all your link building and backlinks, these will produce you no results if the content you create does not match up to your customer’s interest. It should be benefit-oriented. Content that is in the form of blogs that are longer than 1500 words always get more engagement as opposed to shorter ones as it ticks most boxes like— better content, better links and backlinks, relevant anchor texts and meta tags.

Also, to ensure quality and credibility of your text, here are some pointers for to keep in mind.


Write a killer headline

It is the first thing your reader sees on your page. Make it worth the visit.


Write short paragraphs

Big block of texts on the site are an absolute put off. Ensure that there is a lot of white space on the page. It gives your reader a psychological relief to read less text.


Use eye-catchy images

Images that are interactive and striking will always strike a chord with your viewers.


Keep it simple

You underestimate the power of simple and clear writing. Keep the writing conversational.


Keep content accessible

Ensure that the content is searchable, sharable, and linkable. Use the power of social media to publish your text across multiple social platforms.


Content truly is the king on the Internet. Use it properly and your first time visitors will eventually turn to regulars.



Mobile Optimization

As the web world goes mobile, it is pertinent for business owners to treat it differently when it comes to understanding its SEO strategy. Mobile browsing is now outpacing desktop browsing. Google is set to launch mobile algorithm on 21.04.2015 which looks to reward sites that are mobile friendly. It therefore must be your priority to keep your website easily accessible across all platforms and electronic devices.

Mobile optimization of content streamlines your website traffic in an entirely different way. Therefore, the content for the mobile site also needs customization. It must be short and concise, unlike your original desktop website. It is also important to always note that Flash and Javascript do not work very well on mobile websites making them unresponsive and in turn causing a negative impact on your site’s search engine ratings.

Mobile sites are revolutionizing the way we now consume information. It therefore is crucial that the way you present it reflects your site and brand’s image well. A clean landing page results in a good consumer experience. Ensure that your readers are able to access the content with ease without having to zoom into the content.


Analyze your competitors’ backlines

Understanding how your competitor backlinks their webpage is a great way to develop your website’s ratings. This technique is valuable because the higher the number of backlinks, Google understands your website’s theme better. This adds value to your website, as search engines are able to identify your website a key competitor to what can already be a well-ranked site. Therefore, it is crucial to re-iterate that you must always link to only the most relevant websites.

The first step to identify your competitors is to Google your keywords. This will help you find the top competitors in your niche area. While you are at it, it is important to find the ‘long tail keywords’ that is used by your competitors. Long-tail keywords are longer and specific keyword phrases that are closer to the point of purchase. They are better lines of communication and therefore are essential to find out the long tail keywords used by your competitors.

Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer are effective SEO tools that help to study your competitors’ backlinks and allowing you to incorporate them to your webpage. It is also very important that you must know that you must never pay for backlinks.



Concluding Remarks

While the year 2015 will constantly bring you many more strategies that can promote your website, SEO will continue to be an indispensable part of growing your website. It may be a lot of hard work, time consuming, and even frustrating at times to keep up with the trends of the industry and the business— however what remains certain is that there are no secrets or shortcuts with SEO. Patience is the currency that will work wonders when the ever-changing digital world is optimizing its resources.

The best SEO strategies for 2015 focus on creating trustworthy content, quality links, and social sharing. There are no two ways about this. It is the year where you must re-focus your techniques to incorporate content as per visitor preferences and addressing them directly— because what is good for your visitors is also good for search engines.