WECHAT needs a unique approach

Many people tend to compare WeChat with Facebook, but this is not the case. Tencent initially created WeChat as an instant messaging application rather than a fully mature social network. Later it definitely integrated key elements related to Facebook, such as “moment” (news) feeds and user analytics, but ultimately, the application is more like Whatsapp than Facebook.

You can’t use the same campaign strategy you use on Facebook, because the format and structure of your app are completely different, and user behaviour can change dramatically.



WeChat campaigns are the most effective way to increase China’s participation in the nation’s number one social media tool. Currently, the app has more than 865 million active users per month and has grown into a major social network in China with many other integrated features including electronic payments, e-shops, taxi orders, games, appointments, maps, locations and tickets. Bookings are just a few examples.

Tencent created WeChat, a “one-stop-shop” for end-users in China, and explained why it is critical to carry out smart activities on this huge application.

Here four different types of campaigns you can engage in on WeChat to grow your visibility, reputation and ultimately sales:



The primary purpose of the Q&A activity is to provide user feedback, introduce and test your concepts and user-generated content. Q&A activities can often be included in market research to validate concepts based on direct feedback from Chinese consumers.

This is an excellent way to promote interaction and increase the group of followers. The “social approach” is clearly the most effective on the WeChat network.

The key is to provide quality rewards and offers to encourage users to participate in such “WeChat surveys”. It also needs to be associated with your brand.


2.    Exclusive quality content sharing WeChat is often referred to as the “WeChat era” because users turn to most of the new media platform to inform their worldview because, in other parts of the world, traditional print media is really a form of death. With this in mind, you can use your WeChat account as a “launch board” for high-quality content, such as new statistics, data, white papers, exclusive news, and more. This helps increase the sharing rate and the number of followers. Because the demand for high-quality content is so high, you can ask followers to gain access to this information in multiple steps.

This process looks like this:

The tweet notification article details the white paper, what information they will specifically visit, and how they do it. This is usually based on the fact that they follow the account and then share the article on their ‘time feed’.

They can send you a copy of the content they have shared through a screenshot shared with your account.

Upon receiving this information, you will be provided with a link to the “White Paper” or “Exclusive News” (for example).

This can cause a buzz in your account because it’s not easy to get information, so it can help you become an expert in your field.


This is the most popular type of campaign on WeChat, and many brands include H5 pages in their posts and official accounts. This format is optimised for WeChat, so the quality of the user experience can be improved in the most direct way.

Think of the H5 page as a high-quality mini-site that allows for a high degree of user interactivity.

Most H5 activities revolve around:

·      Promotion activities

·      Brand Promotion

·      product description

·      Market feedback and analysis



WeChat is now truly a “social commerce” platform, and campaigns are increasingly adapting to this. Many brands now have their official account associated with their WeChat store.

Therefore, you must drive traffic through your own marketing efforts.

Some approaches used to drive traffic include:

Click on the tracking adverts for the QR code embedded in the store that describes aggressive, attractive deals.

Trade Links can be embedded in posts in groups and community of followers you build.

Much traffic can be exported out of the Wechat to the store via your official website (e.g.), Storing payments may be an option with the QR link.

H5 sites can ease the interaction between store and official accounts for an easier transition and a higher number of clicks and conversion rates.

WeChat campaigns must be focused, targeted and offer ROI in terms of attractiveness of followers, sales facilitation, and brand awareness. It is essential to work closely with experts in the field, and we are dedicated to GMA’s team of 25 international traders focused on WeChat’s development