Millennials customers ignore any classification by definition. However, they share some common characteristics: very optimistic; self-awareness and requirements; always through technology connections and empowerment.

They breathe together with their smartphones. They are definitely a vivid proof of digital transformation, which changes the way we live, communicate, search and shop. How do you participate in the millennial generation and monetize it?

Of course, Millennials are not the only customers you need to attract and participate. However, in the era of mobile devices – the ability to take advantage of micro-time means everything – they are the key factors in determining whether you are successful or not.

A new study of college students’ mobile device habits shows that they are leaving their desktops and venture into increasingly mobile areas – advanced infrastructure must evolve to adapt.

Although the survey found that millennials spend more time browsing the Internet on their mobile phones than on the desktop, mobile web surfing only gets a 2% profit margin (45.7% compared to 43.4% for laptops or desktops).

A survey from cloud provider Domo surveyed 2,228 senior students to find out how they use mobile devices on campus.

In addition to bandwidth considerations, Citrix Systems’ infographics show that higher education institutions must have a secure network that can support the various devices brought to campus.


Once you know who these digital customers are, what they like and how they buy, you still need to know more. How to attract millennials to keep your brand in top shape while shopping. They think that technology is taken for granted, so this is the ideal starting point.

Thinking and Action

19 of the world’s 20 millennials have smartphones, and most people check 43 times a day. There is a huge opportunity here, the app is just a part of your mobile strategy: customer assistant (robot), wearable technology, smartwatch, proximity marketing, geofencing, internet of things. Everything you do must be moved first.

Connect on any channel

Only traditional ads don’t work, and old fidelity cards or newspapers are not retained. If you want to build a successful campaign, digital channels will be the primary reference for all marketing campaigns. According to Accenture, 68% of Millennials require “a seamless, integrated experience regardless of channel.”

Ask them to contribute 

Generation Y is also known as ‘my generation’. One of the most effective ways to attract Millennials is to achieve this peculiar way of thinking by asking them to contribute to what they generate. Personalization is the keyword you never forget when dealing with powerful, strict customers.

Serve them quickly and easily

No matter what you do, it’s quick and easy. Millennials are not willing to waste time waiting for your reply. They are perfect multitaskers with short attention. If you can’t contact them at the microscopic moments they want, then you lose your customers. Make sure you have a good experience across all channels.

Keep real and epic 

Millennials look for meaningful interaction. They don’t think the price is the main brand differentiation factor; they stand out and are amazingly a true epic brand. Whether you create it by using content or disruptive technology (virtual reality), you can create a unique story based on your real brand identity.

Remember: Praise and criticism are two sides of the same coin. Offering a stunning digital customer experience, you will earn their trust and loyalty; provide bad customer experience and they will abandon you without regret.

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