Non Profit


The marketplace is saturated with donor organizations that are beginning to create a huge buzz of interest in adding value through corporate social responsibility. This has caused there to be serious competition for the attention of the customers of non-profit organizations.

In these times, creativity and differentiation is key to standing out. Our NFP services make sure that non-profits receive the right kind of exposure through professional resources that will assure them relevant awareness and much-needed funding.

We take out time to understand all our NFP clients and the causes they represent. This helps us create for them branding and marketing services that are; affordable professional, and sustainable.

We focus on helping you maximize your budget and internal capacities, by complementing your existing skills with the most necessary support.

emmersion helps you, as a not-for-profit, to tell your story. This then attracts supporters, and build engagement with the most appropriate audiences. Whether for a specific fundraising campaign or an entire advocacy campaign, we make sure we craft for you effective messaging strategies that improve internal and external communications.

A cohesive marketing strategy can help not-for-profits attract more support and build a more responsive donor base to realize and fulfil their core mission, and communicate their cause with greater impact. That is what we endeavour to help you achieve at emmersions. From branding and communications material to a full range of print, web and digital media services, we have you covered.

Are you ready to engage your audience? Then, take our hand, and get branded.