With the rate at which content is created, it is quite reasonable for the performance of the average piece of content to take a downward slope. There are several contents about content marketing out there, yet, we still get frustrated when our strategy doesn’t work.

With the insights into a strategy that is working and those that are not working which Analytics and customer feedback should have pointed out, you definitely know the areas that need improvement. However, the myriads of suggestions out there make it quite easy to get stuck on the changes to implement to improve the performance of your content.

You are here at last, and it is time you tried our tips on how to fix a broken content strategy.


Refocus your marketing message

It is time for you to look back into what content you produce. Understand that Content is consumed as a mixture of personal and commercial updates. You are competing against everything with your content, not just your competitors. Marketing in the digital age doesn’t just need you to match your message to your ideal client. You have to engage them and keep their attention as well.

It might shock you to know that your clients and potential clients don’t care about your products or services. What they really want is somebody to solve their problems.

If you can address and solve those problems within your messaging, then you have basically won the golden ticket. Make it clear that you understand what they want and need, and desist from centring your content on you.

Try to have two paths for your content marketing topics, and you should pursue both. First, ensure to create content that addresses known or inferred customer questions. If you don’t have the best FAQ in your industry, you are missing the basics. Next is to put the new customer knowledge into effect and create top of the funnel content that is particularly useful, transcends the transaction, and has a chance of breaking through because it’s not about you, but about something your customers actually care about.

If you know their trigger phrases and how to speak to them, you are well on your way to recording a positive change in your content marketing. However, in your quest to speak into the hearts of your audience with your content, don’t forget your business goals. Keep them aligned because, in the end, it all boils down to reaching those goals.


Fix Your Content Marketing Amplification

The content you wish to be consumed must be associated with an amplification plan. This has become more and more crucial with the steady increase in competition. Transcend from answering the “What is the topic?” and “For whom are we creating this?” questions to answering the “How are they going to know this exists?” question.

A perfect way to amplify your content marketing is from the inside out. Use this concentric circles map to help guide your approach. Start with employees, and then move to current customers, then current prospects, then brand-new potential customers.

This way, the people who are most likely to consume and share your content get it first, providing momentum, social proof, and a slingshot effect. Influencers are typically involved in step two, alongside current customers.


Fortify your website

Does your website have the ‘must haves’ of a site? If you understand that fixing society begins by first fixing the home, then you should know that when it comes to content revisions, you should start with your website

The purpose of your website is to help you get found, build trust, educate, inform, nurture, and convert. This purpose is defeated if your website doesn’t hold a promise, call to action, illustrate with videos, display trust elements, provide content and content upgrades, and core services.

When you have a website filled with testimonials, it is as a result of the fulfilment of the promises the site steadily assures with frequent, quality contents that are made easily understandable with videos. Videos are no longer what sight might have, but what a site must have.

Fortifying your website is like tying the laces of your shoes. It shows readiness to revamp your content.


Create a lead generation content plan

This is the point where you really need a plan. It would be helpful to try to create a theme for each month that all of your content can revolve around. Each theme should have a substantial topic related to your audience’s industry/pain points and represents a critical keyword search term.

Provide valuable information and use content upgrades to convert the readers of this information into leads. Try to personalise and add emotional components to your content as much as possible to really establish a connection with the reader. The more they feel that connection, the more likely they are to convert into leads and eventually customers.

Never you think it is a crime to share relevant content from other sites on your social platforms. This is simply to provide value to your audience. You can also repurpose content you already have, for example, you can transcribe a podcast episode into a written blog post.

The more value you can provide on a consistent basis, the wider your audience reach.


Should you outsource content???

Don’t you think you can do it all? A big reason why content strategy falls through is that people run out of time and don’t end up creating the content they had planned on.

It’s recommended that you own your process and strategy, but you do not need to create the content yourself. There are plenty of people out there that can do that for you, use them because the content upgrade is key!


Fix Your Content Marketing Creators

As content expands, it is typical for your roster of content creators to grow as well, but bear in mind that content creators are not uniformly skilled. Some people are better at it than other people.

It is possible to learn to be better at content marketing, but not everyone can be great at it. You have to find the best people for specific content because disproportionate capabilities produce disproportionate results over the long haul.

There was a time when creator and skill mattered less in content. Then, filling gaps and plugging holes with useful content was enough to succeed. Those days are past. Surprisingly, more and more content is being created (quite literally) by robots, not people. So, you either need to embrace that approach and try to generate massive amounts of hyper-specific content in real-time at an affordable price, or you need to make sure that the content marketing you commit to is better than ever.

Try out these suggestions for fixing a broken content strategy and make content marketing rewarding once again.