TV Package

A $35,000 TV Campaign that targets ALL SCREENS!
What is Included in your TV Campaign Package
We put everything in, so you are sure about what you are going to get and pay for. Our customized television advertising solution includes:
TV Commercial concept for approval.
TV script.
Well produced TV ad.
Media Planning using data driven tools to reach your audience both online and on TV
The Planning side allows us to identify and target your ideal customer by age, interests, location and gender. The media plan will be geographically targeted by region or town/city for TV. For online advertising, we will target the plan by street and suburb, town or city. We use Google Analytics to track conversions through your website and provide you with a detailed report.

Our work can deliver 2 million* people minimum on multiple screens: TV, PC, tablet and smartphone. We will deliver the material to different networks straight from our TV advertising agency. Depending on your TV marketing goals and budget, we have a number of customized service packages starting at only $20,000.

We give you the right to own the TV commercial that we created for you. After we finish the material to your specifications, it is yours. Our next role is to guide you in implementing the campaign and monitoring the results.