Creating and Marketing Videos that Trigger a Positive Response

Today, valuable information is just a few clicks away. Search engines and video sharing platforms make it easy for online users to see what they are looking for. Sharing your videos is an effective way to grab the attention of your target audience.


Emmersion takes pride in offering reliable video content marketing services, which aim to increase brand awareness and trigger a positive response from viewers. We create videos that show who you are, what your business is, and what your products or services are. When shared on popular video sharing communities like YouTube, these pieces of audio-visual content can generate audience interaction and social media conversations.


What We Do and How We Do It

Many users are watching and sharing videos online. At Hat Media, we know how to make your own content visible to your target local or international customers. We work on different types of audio-visual content, including:


–360 videos

– Promotional Videos

–  Explainer Videos

– Product Demonstrations

– Online Advertisements

– Virtual Tours

– Videos for New Product Launches

– Interview-based Content


We have the knowledge and experience to deliver high quality work and inspiring results. Our team works in a healthy, friendly and relaxed environment, which makes them more creative and lively. Tell us about your business and let us discuss how we can create and promote your videos.

Corporate Video

A corporate video is often created for the corporate environment and intended for a very specific audience. For example, corporate videos may be instructional guides for employees of a corporation, or they may be showcasing a new product or service to potential investors. Corporate videos are unlike traditional TV advertisements, as they are usually much longer in duration.


We believe that a well-made corporate video is an effective asset to your business. Ultimately, we create your video to convey a message to a certain audience, so it’s important that your audience will listen. We create corporate videos that are visually dynamic, fit the style of your company and even humorous to your audience.

Media Planning

The media planning process is where we create a structured plan of the optimal media platforms to broadcast your advertising – whether it’s magazines, TV stations, radio stations or more.

Successful media plans are the ones that get the root of your target audience’s viewing habits. This can only be achieved by having a great understanding about how media platforms work, which is where we come in.

Because we’ve been in the advertising business for over 25 years, we have an incredible amount of media planning experience over a number of different platforms. We know what is going to get your message to the right people in the most effective way possible because we’ve done it so many times before.


A $35,000 TV Campaign that targets ALL SCREENS!

What is Included in your TV Campaign Package


We put everything in, so you are sure about what you are going to get and pay for. Our customised television advertising solution includes:


TV Commercial concept for approval.

TV script.

Well produced TV ad.

Media Planning using data driven tools to reach your audience both online and on TV

The Planning side allows us to identify and target your ideal customer by age, interests, location and gender. The media plan will be geographically targeted by region or town/city for TV. For online advertising, we will target the plan by street and suburb, town or city. We use Google Analytics to track conversions through your website and provide you with a detailed report.


Our work can deliver 2 million* people minimum on multiple screens: TV, PC, tablet and smartphone. We will deliver the material to different networks straight from our TV advertising agency. Depending on your TV marketing goals and budget, we have a number of customised service packages starting at only $20,000.


We give you the right to own the TV commercial that we created for you. After we finish the material to your specifications, it is yours. Our next role is to guide you in implementing the campaign and monitoring the results.