During my type of work, I get asked this question a whole lot. Which will be better, online advertising or print advertising?

The solution is two-fold. One, this will depend. Two, they are both important if you’re seriously interested in marketing your organisation. I’m big on the “360 degrees” comprehensive marketing campaign that utilises a variety of touch points. Think about your ideal customers right now. Chances are, regardless of what industry your organization sits in, that they’re fragmented, do not have lots of time, use lots of different communication methods (email, phone, Instant Messenger, email, etc.), and employ lots of different ways to eat content and information (iPad, BlackBerry, Magazines, Search Engines, etc.) Due to this, a marketer has to use lots of different tactics as part of their marketing strategy.

Except in some cases, you can find clear benefits to paying attention your own time in internet marketing versus print advertising. I came up with a summary of ten advantages, and I will present four of those here for you. (My next post will take the reverse approach and offer the benefits of print advertising versus online advertising.) For no particular order:

1) Very Fast

I have already been around print advertising most of my entire life, and also the one word I could use to describe it really is “slow”. It takes time and energy to create a print advertisement to fit specifications. It takes time and energy to supply the files. It can take time when it comes to publication to go to print or even for the mailing package to obtain produce. It will take time when it comes to postal service to accomplish its job. Then, it can take time and energy to see results which are sometimes measured in weeks! Contrast all of this because of the online advertising process. It will require time for you to produce the advertisement, sure. But almost everything after that can simply be estimated in hours, not days, weeks or months. Once you’ve developed the ad, you’ll have the ads operating on a website or perhaps in search engines within seconds, have the ad appear within some more minutes while having data in your ads a couple of hours later. That is fast.

2) All can be scaled

The majority print journals, or direct mailings, have a fairly finite quantity of reach or circulation. Put simply, you’re able to reach only people associated with that print advertising effort. To obtain any type of multiplier effect to help more people to see or respond to your advertisements, you need to repeat the process noted above again and again or buy more ads. Within the online advertising world, achieving scale becomes easier due to lots of factors including although not limited to word of mouth, viral marketing, technology, and exposing your advertisements too much more people. Sheer numbers are simpler to achieve online.

3) Focusing On The Right Audience

It really is quite easy just plain better to target your very best potential customers or customers online versus through print. Take search engines as an example. You can easily target advertisements solely to people who enter search terms linked to your product or service, thereby qualifying them and having exposed to those who have a higher likelihood of being enthusiastic about what you must offer. Another kind of targeting simpler to do online is geographic targeting, which goes with “Scale” above. Many businesses only wish to reach people in a certain geographic part of the country, which is infinitely simpler to do this online versus offline. You can advertise on line ensuring only people in a particular zip code, city, state or region see that ad. In a nutshell, there isn’t any “waste” which occurs in paying for ads that seem to those who aren’t strongly related your organisation since they don’t fit simple geographic criteria.

4) The Cost of the overall service

Most likely the most straightforward one, due to the fact I think it is common knowledge that

1) most kinds of online advertising are less costly on a dollar to dollar basis than print advertising and

2) taking into account everything you can do listed above, the worthiness and upside of internet marketing, that is significantly more than in publications.

Now, this does not imply that the sky is wholly falling for print advertising. However, the factors above are among the explanations why the internet advertising industry keeps growing (and it is forecast to cultivate for the foreseeable future), while the print advertising industry is seeing difficulty (and it is forecast to continue to see difficulty). Even still, there are numerous tremendous opportunities which are unique to print advertising that we will talk about next time. I always recommend a comprehensive approach to marketing, which includes a print component, but particularly if you’re during the early stages of forming a business or are looking to transition from an offline ad technique to an online ad strategy, you will want to focus on the internet and take note of what I list above.