emmersive Media

A video ad is a high impact way to speak to your customers and stand out from traditional online directory ads. Connect with your audience and let potential customers see, hear and experience your business first-hand!

Ever stood on the ledge of a skyscraper in virtual reality? Cold sweating, heart beating fast and Vertigo taking hold – you will find it’s next to impossible to jump.


Traditional TV relies on the suspension of disbelief. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is a powerful force that causes the user to suspend their belief. As far as your mind is concerned, you are standing on the ledge of a skyscraper. Your brain and body are screaming for you not to jump. You are simply…just there. It takes an active intellectual effort to remind your mind that you are in fact not there.


So you may be thinking, what can this do for my brand and why use this to advertise? Will the answer is simple, emmersive media brings endless and genuinely amazing possibilities, to engage and interact with customers.

For the first time, you won’t just be able to showcase your next big event or product launch. Think about the possibilities of having a tour of your new development or interactive view of your product in action, all without the customer ever needing to leave their home. We won’t just be showcasing your new products but building a completely immersive experience.


VR marketing is the ultimate tool for any advertiser looking to evoke an emotional response with his or her customers. Whether that customer is checking out a hotel suite in Tokyo, buying sunscreen lotion inside an erupting volcano or shopping for sneakers in outer space – all from the comfort of home – VR is the pinnacle and the future of marketing. 

360 Video’s


We have taken the rule book and thrown it out the window when it comes to filming your next AD spot or promotional video. Our Custom custom 360 videos are not only the best way to showcase your next big event or product launch. Think about the possibilities of having a tour of your new development or interactive view of your product in action, all without the customer ever needing to leave their home.


What is 360 Video?


360 video production is the creation of a fully spherical – 2:1 ratio immersive video. Resulting content that can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube or by using virtual reality headsets, such as Samsung Gear VR. So far 360-degree video content poses a unique set of challenges, in the editing and compositing due to the nature of the distortion of the raw footage.



We have developed a series of tools and partnerships with leading tech companies to keep the cost down. Including a full suite of advanced editing capabilities, that you would expect in traditional film and media. This ranges from, but not limited to compositing, retouching, re-timing, tracking, stabilisation, match motion, animations, and green-screen work. Rest assured, whatever editing we required for a project we can handle it.

We are currently working on a cutting-edge end-to-end 360° live solution, that will stream immersive video via the cloud to Facebook, Youtube, and VR headsets, opening up new revenue streams and exclusive content distribution.


Now Many brands are benefiting from virtual reality and immersive 360-degree experiences, through 360 videos and apps. They not only showcase their product but build a truly unique experience. Working together with brands like yours, we design and create a unique customer journey. That delivers engaging experiences and strengthens the customer-brand relationship.



Everything we design and develop is built using in-depth research and analysis of your market, customers, opportunities and competition. We then define a series of goals around your brand. Followed by our phased approach to deliver your project that includes sketched ideas and brainstorming, the production of wireframes, static designs, campaigns, copy and user testing.


It doesn’t stop there, with ongoing support ensuring your website continues to deliver results. We monitor, review and analyse how successful your campaign and website are performing. We make sure it is delivering on its core goals.


‘Would I recommend emmersion? YES! But only with reluctance, emmersion is the secret ingredient. That you do not want to share with anyone.’




‘What are you trying to achieve, and how can we help you achieve your goal?’ We look to define your goals and deliver on our promise, to help your business grow. Are you trying to generate more sales, increase qualified leads, build customer awareness or improve conversion rates? Once we understand what you are trying to achieve we devise a strategy to realise this.


 It’s an absolute pleasure working with emmersion. They are currently running our Social Media and website. ‘We love their creativity and flexible working nature.  We feel very safe in their hands.’