It is more comfortable and convenient for external factors to hinder our success. Even when we fail by procrastinating, we find a way to shield ourselves from the blame. Somehow, we’ve learnt never to be in control of anything, especially ourselves.

This psychology won’t let you succeed. If you don’t stop to consider yourself as your first challenge to the road of success, then you’re merely building your success on thin air. There are several habits of ours that if we don’t correct, our success will keep moon walking away from us.

Below are seven habits that we must conquer to succeed

1. Complaining.

Complaining is not just a bad habit, it has actually proven to have permanent effects on your brain. When you start any day off with negative assumptions or conclusions, it makes it easier for you to have more negative thoughts in your future.

To be successful, you must become more aware of how you talk about a hard day and not only focus on the bad.

2. Limiting Beliefs.

Here, you don’t blame external factors much; instead, you simply feel you are incapable of achieving greatness. Limiting beliefs place direct limits on your movement forward in life. They serve as mental blocks. They are the negative thoughts and beliefs you rehearse over and over unconsciously like a broken record, and these eventually become the monsters in your heard which handicap you psychologically.

To be successful, you must put in the effort and discipline necessary to train your mind to think in terms of your personal competence and great potential for success. Your mindset is your choice.

3. Blaming others.

When things don’t go smoothly those who blame, get angry. Blamers are selfish and emotionally immature. They find every reason that they should be excused from the natural consequences resulting from their actions. They are never wrong and engage in the consistent judgment of others.

If you cannot be wrong, you completely impede your personal growth and directly limit your levels of success.

4. Negative self-talk.

When your self-talk is negative, you aggravate little things and make them impossible. You perceive things to be more stressful than they are and you get busy talking yourself into it. If you tell yourself you cannot handle something, then you are more likely not to be able to handle it because your subconscious mind tends to believe the thoughts it hears. When you tell yourself you can’t control something, you naturally stop looking for solutions.

Stopping negative thoughts and creating a habitually positive internal dialogue can reduce stress and empower you.

5. Dwelling on the past.

The past is the past. We all have painful pasts, we have all failed, and we have made mistakes, but if you stay in the past, you choose to live life from your weaknesses, not your strengths. You live from fear, anger, resentment or other negatively charged emotions. There is no path to success if you can’t stay present and future-focused. You can only remain fixed where you place your thoughts and attention.

6. Resistance to change.

Life and business are unpredictable. If you cannot flow with change, then you significantly inhibit your path to happiness and success. When you resist, change you become controlling which serves to lower your overall morale and attitude towards work and life when things don’t go your way. A lack of control will lead of you to feel fear or anger, or both. These emotions decrease your efficiency by decreasing your focus to perform your regular daily tasks.

Learn to flow. Adapt by airing out your grievances regarding the changes, and ask for help or assistance in areas you may feel you cannot succeed in.

7. Approval seeking.

Approval seeking makes you appear needy, unintelligent, not capable and desperate. The more you please, the less you will succeed. You will be seen as a pushover, and people will unconsciously start taking advantage of you. To be successful in any capacity, you must be confident in who you are and in your own opinions and beliefs. Get to the point where you believe you are entitled to have your own opinions and can still be respected when others don’t view things the same way you do. It doesn’t mean they are right, and you are wrong. It is through embracing differences that success becomes exciting and dynamic.

Take active efforts to stop these harmful habits, and you will have taken a great leap to success.